Principal's Message

Jereme Weischedel

Proudly serving adults throughout the Coachella Valley

 Welcome to Coachella Valley Adult School. Established in 1952, our school is rich. with educational and cultural tradition. We are an educational facility committed to providing outstanding student-centered curriculum enhanced with State-of-the-art technologies and supportive teachers and staff to assist you in achieving your educational goals.

 Our students have a variety of opportunities to experience and participate in outstanding academic and civic offerings such as High School Diploma, GED in English and Spanish, and Citizenship. Students may also enter our pathway to employment programs by improving their English skills with our multi-leveled English as a Second Language classes, Career in Technical Education programs, and an array of other online courses.

 For your convenience, we offer morning and evening classes and free childcare.

 I am truly honored to be the Principal of the Coachella Valley Adult School, and I look forward to serving you.

Jereme Weischedel, PrincipaL